An Electrical Conduit pipes are pipe/tube used as covering to protect the electrical wires. Electrical conduit pipes are either made of plastic (PVC) or fiber. Conduit pipes are used for few electrical appliances like Washing machine (for inlet – outlet pipe), vacuum cleaners and sometime to hide the desktop wires. But these pipes are different from conduit pipes used for electrical wiring.

Conduit pipe made of different material

Conduit pipes are made of different materials like metal, non-metal i.e. PVC & UPVC and flexible made from aluminum.

For electrical purpose Conduit pipes is made of UPVC i.e. unplasticised polyvinyl chloride to meet the harsh environments. These conduit pipes are durable pipes and also features power resistance, corrosion free and are thermal resistant. These pipes are easy and fast to install.

Another type of conduit pipe is corrugated flexible pipe. These corrugated pipe is a ringed pipe that can be stretched easily to an extent. Corrugated flexible pipes are manufactured in different ways on basis of its final use. These corrugated flexible wires are also used for automobiles application, wire binding, electrical wiring, cable protection, envelope to LPG gas conductors, mines, heavy equipment’s and industries. Corrugated conduit pipes for residential purpose are used in washing machine for inlet and outlet pipe and vacuum cleaners.

There are various sizes conduit pipes. But for residential purpose usually 19mm & 20mm is used. Its 19 mm conduit pipes that are usually used for wiring. There are different saddles like GI saddles, bend saddlers, conjunctions, couplings, etc. that come along with conduit pipes. These accessories are important too for bend and joints.

Which Company pipe to buy?

There are various types on conduit pipes but what matters too, is the quality. For good quality and durable conduit pipes, I suggest home owners to use PRECISION company conduit pipes Precision company conduit pipes have been extensively used and is the best for many years.

Cost of Conduit Pipe

Conduit pipe are easily available and come for very good rate. Even if you buy good company conduit pipe like PRECISION company, its cost Rs. 40- Rs. 50 for a 10 feet pipe. And if you happen to buy a local conduit pipe, then it would cost you around Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 for the same size. I came across many home owners who compromise by buying a local conduit pipe. But let me tell you, that it does make loads of difference by buying a branded pipe than a local conduit pipe especially for safety purpose, quality-wise and durability-wise. Even in government office local conduit pipes are not allowed to be used. Good company or PRECISION company pipes are used.