Having right type of lights is essential as it not only adds to right ambience a home owner wants but also saves on power consumption. To help all home owners better understand this, let me first acknowledge you with different type of lights. There are 3 type of lights, the standard incandescent bulbs, CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and LED (light emitting diode).

Today LED bulb/light are quite in trend and is economical product. Before LED lights were introduced CFL lights-n-bulbs were in trend and preferred by home owners. And even before CFL light, Ordinary incandescent bulbs-n-lights were used. But even today i.e. in modern world there are home owners who prefer using ordinary bulbs and light then LED’s or CFL. The main reason is the price factor. Ordinary bulbs come for RS.15- Rs.20 per piece while CFL bulb cost minimum Rs.150-Rs.175 per piece. And LED is even more costly i.e. it comes for Rs.400 – Rs.500 per piece. The price factor makes it difficult for dealers/shopkeepers to convince a home owner to buy a CFL or LED light which is more beneficial.

There are few, say out of 10, 2-3 home owners get convinced to buy CFL and sometime LED bulbs/lights, while other have a mindset of buying cheaper price bulb only. They think that it’s for a bathroom or a room not used much, than why to buy expensive light. But, let me tell you that it does make a difference even if it’s for a small room say bathroom. The moment you switch on the light, power consumption starts. And if you happen to notice the difference, the power being consumed for 10 minutes of ordinary bulb is equal to the entire day consumption of LED bulb. So you see LED bulb and lights save tremendous amount of energy in long run.

If this doesn’t help you let’s talk about a tube light. An ordinary tube light cost around Rs.150 to Rs.175 per piece. As I said LED is expensive but the best, it cost around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500 per piece. Repeatedly I have said LED is best because it’s better in quality. And although a home owner spends a lot initially while buying it, but later on if you calculate the amount of power it has saved on (through your electricity bill), you will notice that the buying cost has been covered up within 1 year itself. Also LED lights/bulbs lasts for minimum of 10-12 years for sure. But if the usage of light is more than it may start depreciating that too by 20% to 25% in 8-10 years but otherwise it works beautifully for 10-12 years.