Buying Sofa for Modern Indian Homes

Sofa’s is the biggest investment you make when it comes to buying furniture for your homes. You have so many different materials, designs and textures to choose from. One is bound to go wrong with buying perfect sofa for their homes. Here are our Designer’s view ( @ ) that help make you a

Why Final Finishing is Lengthier process in Home Renovation

For a Home Renovation, if you notice final finishing or giving touch ups work slows down as compared to other renovation work. Here finishing is with regards to everything that falls under renovation be it tiling, painting, flooring, plastering, electrical or carpentry work. By finishing work we also mean cleaning the mess too. Before we

Be the First to Read What Experts are Saying about Modular Kitchens in India

In cities, Modular kitchen have become a trend in a way, but in towns other then Metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkatta, Pune – people are unaware of it. These places still use old fashioned Kitchen platform. Main reason is that Modular Kitchen is fairly new concept & it is yet to reach small towns

Interview with Jayanti Kholakiya, Civil Contractor and Consultant-Mumbai

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