Tips from Pune Architect and Civil Contractor

What are main concerns in mind of Home Owners when they meet Contractor or Interior Designer or Architect for the first time? From my experiences in Pune and nearby area, Vastu shashtra gets lot of importance. Space matters. If you buy a 2bhk (Bedroom Hall Kitchen) flat in Pune you need 50 lakhs or more.

Home Renovation for 1 BHK – Deluxe way

[updated on 31-Oct-2019 by Nitin, founder -] In Last article we spoke about Home Renovation of a 1 BHK in a Economic way (Bedroom Hall Kitchen). Spending 1000 1500 rupees per SQ. Ft. you get many basic necessary things inside your house. However in this article, we will talk about going step further. A

Home Renovation for 1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen (BHK) in Economic way

A usual 1 or 2 bedroom hall kitchen (1 BHK or 2 BHK) flat in any metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune or any other prime cities consists of four main areas bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall. Lets consider a scenario where you are an owner of an 1BHK house and this house has approximately area

Interview with Jayanti Kholakiya, Civil Contractor and Consultant-Mumbai

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