Staircase Railing

Staircase railings are one of the most important feature that adds beauty to residential i.e. homes, bungalows, etc. and commercial structures like offices, hotels, etc. Staircase railing serve as both. Functional as well as decoration purpose. Types of material used for Staircase Railing Staircase railings can be made of different materials like SS, wood, aluminum,

Grill and Its Different Types of Materials

Security is one of the most important thing we all want. Security could be in anything like job security, of life security or home security. For home security, today there are a variety of gadgets available in market but nothing is like as safe as having Grills for your windows and balconies. Grills are like

Interview with Nimesh Solanki, Interior Designer, Mumbai

How did you start your career in Interior Design industry ? I started in 2002. Started doing part time job along with my college. Early Interior Design projects I was involved were for companies like Oman airways, ICICI banks & few other reputed banks. Early stage in my career, I started site supervision. This is

Tips from Pune Architect and Civil Contractor

What are main concerns in mind of Home Owners when they meet Contractor or Interior Designer or Architect for the first time? From my experiences in Pune and nearby area, Vastu shashtra gets lot of importance. Space matters. If you buy a 2bhk (Bedroom Hall Kitchen) flat in Pune you need 50 lakhs or more.

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