Security is one of the most important thing we all want. Security could be in anything like job security, of life security or home security.

For home security, today there are a variety of gadgets available in market but nothing is like as safe as having Grills for your windows and balconies. Grills are like guardians for homes. Grills are installed to not only provide security from burglars and thefts, but also help prevent accidents like tipping off the window. This is especially for those having small children or kids at home.

Many home owners feel being captive due to grills installed in balcony and windows, but it’s on you to decide whether feeling secured is important or convenience.

Different Types of Material used to make Grills

The most common materials used to make window grills are Steel, Aluminum and Iron. But, today window grills are generally made of steel i.e. Bright Steel or Mild Steel (MS) because of its durability and sturdiness. Bright steel grills have become a fad for modern home windows and balconies today.

Aluminum Window Grills

Aluminum window grills are one of the lightest type grills. Aluminum is actually an amalgam of light-weight and heavy-weight metal and therefore the density of aluminum is quite low. To install light weightiness grill, lower tensions and pressure is applied on structure. The light weightiness of aluminum doesn’t really work as an advantage for concrete structures, but work very well for houses partially made of wood.

Iron Window Grills

Iron being a heavy metal, and therefore grills too are known to be the most potent type of grill as compared to rest. The heaviness and strength or iron makes it a beneficial enforcement for homes. The major issue with iron is that it will rust easily for places like high moisture and humidity. And therefore the cost spent for its maintenance is rather high then its installation.

Bright Steel Window Grill

Bright steel is a Mild steel but are much of a finished product and are used where perfection counts. Bright Steel grills are said to be the best quality grills. This is because the raw material, chemicals, etc. used to make a Bright steel grill is of the best quality. Whereas other materials used to construct grill are usually recycled ones or amalgam of various materials. Also steel being a heavy metal, its strength and toughness make is next to impossible for it to easily break or bend as compared to others. But bright steel grills can be welded into any type of design.

As it is rightly said, that with perfection and quality comes the price. Bright Steel grills are expensive than rest. One reason being, the best of material is used to construct or make Bright steel grills, which increases the cost by 35%-40%. Secondly the labor cost. The labor work is almost two times more due to the finishing given to Bright steel grills. In total if you compare other grill rates, bright steel grills cost almost double the price.

Bright Steel is generally used for bungalows and bungalow like houses. With proper care and maintenance, Bright Steel window grills will not rust, providing a delicate architecture to the window.

For example if you talk about a city like Mumbai, the grill type will depend on location or area. Home owners staying in Juhu area and town area prefer Bright steel window grills. If you see in figures, out of 100 clients, only 10% of them prefer mild steel window grills.

To conclude, every type of window grill type, has its own advantage and benefits, but it’s on home owner’s choice of material and their budget.