Ideas to Elegant Wardrobe Finish

Wardrobe are meant for bedrooms. Well not cautiously known, but wardrobes are majorly responsible to make up the color scheme of the room. Other elements like floor color, wall color, furnishings shade, etc. too are responsible for the same, but wardrobes occupying major space of your room and make the most of color scheme. The

Interview with Manish Patki- A Budding Artist

Manish Patki is a Nasik based Artist learning different modelling techniques. We got in touch with him to know about these different techniques and this is what he shared with us – What are different techniques of modelling techniques you learning? Manish Patki – I have completed my course in Embossing, carving and sculpting. These

6 અમર્યાદ ટિપ્સ ભારતીય ઘર માલિકો માટે જે મોડ્યૂલર કિચન માટે પ્લાન કરી રહ્યા છે

1) મટેરીઅલ જયારે ખરીદો ત્યારે માત્ર દેખાવ જોઈને પસંદ નહિ કરો. તમારા ઠેકેદાર અથવા ડિઝાઈનર ને સાથે રાખો મટેરીઅલ ની ચકાસણી માટે। હાર્ડવેર જેમકે હિંજીસ, પ્લાઈ, શટર વગેરે। 2) મૂળ મોડ્યૂલર કિચન માં એમ.ડી.એફ (MDF) બોર્ડ વપરાય છે. ભારતીય કિચન માં ક્યારે પણ એમ.ડી.એફ (MDF) નથી વાપરવામાં આવતું। હંમેશા મરીન પ્લાઈ અથવા કમર્શિયલ પ્લાઈ જરૂર

Types of Window Grill Bars

The main purpose of having grills is safety. Therefore these safety grills used for windows, balconies and safety doors, are typically made of metal that cannot be easily broken. If made in any other material like wood or glass, the grill would have been easily broken and the purpose wouldn’t be solved. The safety grills

Grill and Its Different Types of Materials

Security is one of the most important thing we all want. Security could be in anything like job security, of life security or home security. For home security, today there are a variety of gadgets available in market but nothing is like as safe as having Grills for your windows and balconies. Grills are like

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