Wardrobe are meant for bedrooms. Well not cautiously known, but wardrobes are majorly responsible to make up the color scheme of the room. Other elements like floor color, wall color, furnishings shade, etc. too are responsible for the same, but wardrobes occupying major space of your room and make the most of color scheme. The color scheme for the room therefore majorly gets dictated as per Wardrobe surface color.
Wardrobes are often covered with decorative laminates or veneers.


Decorative Laminates
Decorative laminates are now available in exotic range. With technology these are now stronger, resistant to impact and chipping. They add style and elegance to any given room. These are available in different designs, surface finish i.e. matt-glossy, textures and shades.


Veneer are obtained from natural wood. Therefore veneer sheets or furniture finished with veneers are expensive pieces. Alike Decorative laminates, veneers too are available in variety of surface finish, colors and shades. The surface finish of veneer and shade of veneer differs with type of polish used to smoothen the surface.


Designer PITCH – Apart from above mentioned wardrobe surface, you can go creative by using or paneling two different shades of laminate or veneer for wardrobe. One can go contrast for much lively room interiors. One can use mirrors or metal laminates as design elements to wardrobe surface.
For eg. You can have horizontal groove made where steel or mirror can be installed in that groove. Mind you, the groove shall be at an appropriate height. Especially where kids cannot reach or can be hurt if scratched or broken. These grooves are often ½” to 1” . This style of wardrobes accentuates wardrobe design and look & feel of the room.


What are other Material that can be used for wardrobe doors and shutters?

Designer PITCH – To create an illusion of open space home owners can have back painted toughen glass with aluminum profile frame. Since glass reflects light, it offers space continuity and freshness and make small bedrooms appear bigger.
Another way to add space through wardrobe surface is use mirrors as design element.


What designs or ideas shall be avoided for Wardrobes?

We suggest avoid using dark colored laminates and veneers. Dark colors make your room appear smaller. It cuts down on space. In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and other where homes are getting smaller, I am sure you wouldn’t want to make it appear all the more small.
Designer PITCH – Home owners ask to use floral laminates or similar. But truly it is out. It was a fad that had now passed by. Clean crisp design furniture and color furniture’s make u your modern houses. In-fact many modern home owners’ pickup colors like White and Grey that make their room appear big and fresh.

Whatever color or design wardrobe surface you choose, before buying, ask yourself, “If you really want to see that in your room for nest 15-20 year?” Buy accordingly.