Essential Kitchen Measurements and Installations

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While planning kitchen interiors and its installations, it is essential for them to be placed at a distance from each other for it to be functional. You may find yourself wondering for several things like what shall be the distance between two parallel style platforms, distance between base of wall cabinet and counter-top, or even

6 Tips for designing Modular Kitchen You Can Use Today

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This article is available in Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati languages. (we interviewed our team member who is "Modular Kitchen Expert" . He is designing Modular Kitchens for last 10 years now.) Q - What style or design of Modular Kitchen are commonly used? A - Modular Kitchen comes in 3 basic styles C-shape style

Be the First to Read What Experts are Saying about Modular Kitchens in India

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In cities, Modular kitchen have become a trend in a way, but in towns other then Metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkatta, Pune – people are unaware of it. These places still use old fashioned Kitchen platform. Main reason is that Modular Kitchen is fairly new concept & it is yet to reach small towns

Detailed Notes on Modular Kitchen Cabinets in Step by Step Order

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Inside your kitchen you can have Cabinets made in traditional way or you can opt for Modular Cabinets. In traditional regular Cabinets, carpenter will spend days to fix things. Cabinet made by carpenters are permanently fixed, you cannot dismantle it without breaking some part of it. Modular Kitchen Cabinet have several benefits over traditionally handmade