Inside your kitchen you can have Cabinets made in traditional way or you can opt for Modular Cabinets. In traditional regular Cabinets, carpenter will spend days to fix things. Cabinet made by carpenters are permanently fixed, you cannot dismantle it without breaking some part of it.

Modular Kitchen Cabinet have several benefits over traditionally handmade cabinets. Modular kitchen cabinets look very trendy & cool. Reason is, it is made using machine pressed technology. Shutters / doors are machine made. Finish is very high. Appearance is very smooth. All parts get ready in factory, it comes to your home & in hours they are fixed so that you start using it. If you were planning to upgrade home or move or something, you can simple dismantle it & assemble it back. Since all parts are machine made, there is no lack of quality, whole piece looks uniform. Latest hardware items like telescopic channel hinges & soft close hinges add more charm to it.

Cost comparison – Modular cabinet perhaps take less then a day or two whereas traditional/regular cabinet will takes days to get completed. If you compare the convenience factor, 15 to 20% extra money you pay for getting modular cabinets is far superior. And ofcourse not forget the modern slim looks you add to your kitchen.

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