In cities, Modular kitchen have become a trend in a way, but in towns other then Metros like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkatta, Pune – people are unaware of it. These places still use old fashioned Kitchen platform. Main reason is that Modular Kitchen is fairly new concept & it is yet to reach small towns of India.

Once there are couple of showrooms in city, home owners who are planning to renovate Kitchen will visit it & get an idea. Unless they get to see & understand how Modular Kitchen can not just make your kitchen look cool but also increase space utilisation & functionality – they are going to not look forward to it.

If you are planning to renovate kitchen, you should explore Modular kitchen idea. Visit showrrom near to your place. They will make your kitchen more efficient.

So dont stay stuck with traditional carpentry work. Once you call the carpenter who doesnt offer Modular Kitchen solution, you will continue to use old fashioned kitchen for next 10-12 years, may be more.

the other big hindrance, not just in small towns, but in metros too is the thought that “Modular Kitchen is an expensive thing”. Many people simple avoid it, there is an assumption that Modular Kitchen is costly & only for luxury homes.

This is not true.

Modular Kitchen at times can be 10 – 15 % costlier then your traditional carpenter built kitchen, but you get great value for your money. Modular Kitchen can be built within your budget. As per budget we can decide upon hardware & finishing items. You renovate home onces may be twice in your lifetime. Spend your money efficiently. The reason Modualr Kitchen business are doign so well is becasue it is product that is selling well. There is growing demand for it. Modular Kitchens can be designed and made in different price range. Moreover, a Modular Kitchen can turn out to be lesser expensive then getting into the headache of carpentry work.

One has to be very careful about quality of materials used by your vendor. Due to competition, many vendors use compromised material. hence if you find some quotation too good too cheap, you have to be carefull about material quality.