Lets discuss few comparison points for buying Modular Kitchen from 3 different places in Mumbai:

  1. branded company showroom
  2. local shop
  3. Interior designer/Individual Modular Kitchen Expert

Assuming that you are going to get nearly same quality of products from all above 3 places, here are differences –

Branded stores – Like any other business, branded companies have lot of over heads to run their business. This in many cases make product costly. In Modular Kitchen world, branded stores are always most expensive place to buy . So much so that Modular kitchen can be 2 – 3 times costlier then other options. Of course you get a assurance of big brand & all the marketing goodies that come with it. A/C showroom with very good salesman inside.

Local Shops – assuming you are not visiting a reputed local store. Kitchen Hardware local shops sell all kind of quality. They sell cheap stuff , as well as high quality stuff. Steel for trolley, hardware & wood all come in varying range. These shops can help you buy Modular Kitchen in your budget. Cost will low when compared to Branded store. These are good option to buy, of course shop has to be reputed & known in your neighborhood for good work.

Individual service provider – you can get best value for money. Many Interior designer & Kitchen experts do free lancing. They understand your requirements & within your budget get your best value or money. They have no overhead problems. They want your business & reference in future. So they will do good job. Modular Kitchen expert in Contractorbhai team places direct order with factory for Kitchen Trolleys Pune & kitchen Trolleys in Mumbai. They get material directly from the manufacturer.

Best part about Modular Kitchen is you get to visualise what you will get on paper or computer before even a single rupee is spent. All parts like Trolleys & shutters are built in factory using latest machinery. They come to your home & kitchen gets built in minimum time.

So One critical point which home owners have to pay attention is to details. What material is getting used. For example find out Ply ( wood ) is Marine or something else. Steel quality – stainless steel 304 vs 202. Hardware – which company. Guarantees on any items.

Mumbai has 100s of factories which manufacture Modular furniture. It has 1000s of small & big vendors/brands which sell furniture and make custom modular furniture for your home.