Unknown Facts about Modular Kitchen Prices Revealed by the Experts

(some reader from Pune asked us these questions on Modular Kitchen) Q – While my search for Modular Kitchen, I found out that, the prices of similar type of kitchen varies with shop. What is the reason for the price difference? Or What are different factors that affect the price variation? A – Before i

Warning Signs on Modular kitchen You Should Know

When you buy Modular Kitchen, company gives warranty for the hardware equipments. If there is designer or contractor who is making your modular kitchen, he will inform you about available warranty. If you buy from Modular Kitchen showroom, shopkeeper will forward it to you. In long run, if you are doing proper cleaning & maintenance

What is difference between Budget Modular Kitchen & Premium Modular Kitchen

If you go for branded or high end modular kitchen, then Profile Shutters use better materials. Hardware from popular imported companies like Hafele & Hettich are used. High quality Soft close fittings are used (which are expensive). Towards higher side, Hardware is something that can get very costly. Due to Soft close - shutters, drawers

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