(some reader from Pune asked us these questions on Modular Kitchen)

Q – While my search for Modular Kitchen, I found out that, the prices of similar type of kitchen varies with shop. What is the reason for the price difference? Or What are different factors that affect the price variation?

A – Before i give you the details, i would like to know if you shared your budget to these shopkeepers/ dealers? If so then you then you shall check on the material provided to you. You shall know or ask the dealer to give you detailed info with regards to the quality of wood used, laminates, channels, hinges, etc. If the dealer is giving you the same product with much lesser budget then he will surely compromise with the raw materials used. The Product supplied to you wouldn’t be that durable then. Its better to spend few more thousands on the same product and be assured of the quality of product. So if you are compromising with you budget, be prepapred to compromise with the product you receive.

Q – I have seen that Branded companies like Sleek , Godrej do not display the cost of a style on websites and anywhere else. Why is that so?

A – You are right, well know brands will never display the exact cost in papers/catalogue or websites. You will get to see various styles with sizes and few details of accessories. You may also get the approximate price of teh trolleys and standard baskets. The exact cost is not given because the the sizes for every Kitchen vary and so the design.