Home Ceiling Lights India

Ceiling lights not only lighten your room but also add style too. There is a wide range of fancy fittings for ceiling lights, like- Spot lights, Pendant lights, flush ceiling lamps and many more to choose from. There are few home owners who ask for concealed tube lights for ceiling. But let me tell you

Warning Signs on Modular kitchen You Should Know

When you buy Modular Kitchen, company gives warranty for the hardware equipments. If there is designer or contractor who is making your modular kitchen, he will inform you about available warranty. If you buy from Modular Kitchen showroom, shopkeeper will forward it to you. In long run, if you are doing proper cleaning & maintenance

ContractorBhai’s 10 Usefull Tips for your Interior Design

Here are quick 10 tips which will come very handy when you plan your next Home renovation. Most of these tips are related to Interior Design, some of them save you money, some add more style to your home. Don’t use spot light  of 36 vaults. Use L.E.D instead. This will save you money on Electric

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