Here are quick 10 tips which will come very handy when you plan your next Home renovation. Most of these tips are related to Interior Design, some of them save you money, some add more style to your home.

  1. Don’t use spot light  of 36 vaults. Use L.E.D instead. This will save you money on Electric Bills. LEDs are available in different volts – 1,3,5 etc
  2. Did you know that there are tiles which can bend upto 1 inch? Yes! Check out Sparker tiles. These bend. hence can be used to cover/decorate corners and add curves to your design.
  3. Have you heard of ‘Indirect lights’ . These are cool because you dont really see them until they are switched ON. Ask for T5 , you will get lot of Colour options in it.
  4. Starting new home renovation. Go for C-forex – these are blocks that replace old fashioned Bricks. As a value they are light weight, increase speed of work and are as durable Bricks.
  5. Need Sound Proof Partition? Use Glass wool.
  6. Do you care about people doing your Home Renovation work? Well, A.C.C cement is as good as many other brands, but  is known for causing chemical reactions on people’s hands.
  7.  Are you looking to make your Home dining Area more attractive by using  hanging light – go for Chinese lanterns. You will save money, easy to maintain/clean, you get lot of varieties and designs.
  8. Planning Acid Cleaning? Remember it works only for Tiles. If used on marble can spoil your surface through chemical reaction.
  9. Heard of Sleek kitchen? They are cool and they come with  warranty of 10 to 15 years.
  10. Don’t use  wall paper because you cannot wash it. However if you still decide to use it, Marshal brand is most popular in Indian Market.

[Updated on 21-Oct-2019 by Nitin – founder of ]
Many newer materials have come in market in last few years which are robust and economic.

LED Lights – Lot of improvements in LED lights. Important tip about LED lights – they always come with certain years of warranty. It could be 2 years or 5 years. Always good idea to retain bill of purchase, take a marker and write down date of purchase on led holder. This way whenever it goes bad, you can simply check if it is still under warranty.

Home automation – has become huge but unfortunately challenge is every year technology is improving drastically. So one big concern is that if you paid lot of money to do home automation, chances are after 2-3 years it will look will old fashioned, you may not use it much. Always good idea to keep it minimum, buy system that allows to add new features and updates in future. How about just use Alexa by amazon and try to connect all your electricals through it.