Waterproofing is common sense. Waterproofing can be easily solved by solving the root cause of water-leakage. The true skill to waterproofing lies is finding out the root cause of water leakage. Only a skilled person or well knowledge person can diagnose the root cause of water leakage. Many a times it is difficult for them too to diagnose the exact cause of water leakage.

Here’s an case study by our Water proofing expert

We were working in an industrial center in West Bengal which was a 5 floor building. There was major water leakage problem on 3rd floor. When water was poured over 4th floor of that building, 3rd floor would literally collect lot of water. This was one of the government authority building. Previously many tried different waterproofing solutions, but indeed nothing worked out. We went and firstly investigated the new pipeline of the building which was alright. Later we found out about the old pipeline which obviously was not in use. But, the outlet of this old pipeline wasn’t sealed or shut. The water from 4th floor was therefore flowing into this old pipeline. When this old pipeline was opened, there were 5-6 bottles and other things were stuck in it. This caused water clogging in that area which resulted in water leakage problems on 3rd floor.

Thus, Not only the pipeline even the drain line shall be checked before using for no such garbage to be stuck that would cause water clogging.