Water is dripping from faucet/tap even when tap turned off tight. What could the reason for this and how can it be repaired?

There are two possible reasons to your problem.

Reason 1 – Very likely, the washer (a small hard rubber disk that lives inside the body of the tap) has either worn out that’s allowing water to drip.

Reason 2 – the screw holding the washer inside the tap has become loose causing the washer to shift and cause the problem.

The washer(mistakenly called Viser or wiser in Hindi), gets easily worn out because of it high usage. No matter how tight you try to close the tap, if the washer has worn out, water will still leak.

The washer can easily be replaced with new one. Any home owner can easily do it if he has its technical know-how otherwise plumber needs to be called.

Washer is easily changed by unscrewing the handle, removing the spring, exposing the cartridge and pulling it out, getting the washer of required size (differs from tap to tap) and finally changing the washer.