Modern Day Homes use ASTRAL C PVC pipes. These pipes are manufactured by Astral Company. Traditionally GI pipes i.e. Galvanized Iron pipe were used by builders and architects. But GI pipes were not very durable as they were not corrosion resistant and fittings very comparatively difficult. If the fittings were not installed correctly, leakage problems were faced. Also hot water running through GI pipes would cause damage.

All these problems seen in GI pipes have been overcome in CPVC pipes.

CPVC pipes are made from special plastic. This plastic chemically is known as Temperature Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC).

Astral CPVC pipes are used for residential, commercial and industrial use too. These pipes are available with different diameter/ size ½ inch to 2” to 12”. CPVC pipes are quite durable and features following properties-
Corrosion resistant,
tough (made of hard plastic)
lox bacterial growth
Easy to install
Cold and hot water compatibility and
Fire safe.