What is it Natural Decorative Veneer or Composite Veneer?

Over a past few year, manufacturing of artificial veneer, laminates, composite veneers, etc. have replaced Natural Veneers so much that its authenticity is lost. Artificial veneers are made in such a way that it becomes very difficult for home owners or even professionals to differentiate natural and artificial veneers. Natural veneers being exclusive are expensive

What are Artificial Composite Veneer

I received a call from my friend how to know if the quality of veneer used for furniture- if it’s Natural or Artificial Veneer? Well, these days with technology and the way artificial veneers are being manufactured, it’s very difficult to distinguish between natural and artificial veneers. If you have hired a faithful and known

Astral C PVC Pipes – Product Review

Modern Day Homes use ASTRAL C PVC pipes. These pipes are manufactured by Astral Company. Traditionally GI pipes i.e. Galvanized Iron pipe were used by builders and architects. But GI pipes were not very durable as they were not corrosion resistant and fittings very comparatively difficult. If the fittings were not installed correctly, leakage problems

Aluminum Composite Panel – Product Review

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is a flat panel of two or more aluminium sheets bonded to each other and then on non-aluminium core. It comes in variety of design & highly durable. On folding there is no sharp edges. Used for highlighter & ceilings. Bathroom ceilings are made using ACP. These are not scratch free.

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