Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) is a flat panel of two or more aluminium sheets bonded to each other and then on non-aluminium core. It comes in variety of design & highly durable. On folding there is no sharp edges. Used for highlighter & ceilings. Bathroom ceilings are made using ACP. These are not scratch free. Hence you ave to use it in such place where there is not touching. Ceiling is very good choice. SR 998 made by Pidilite company ( Fevicol company) is used for installing.

The price ranges from Rs 3000/- to 20,000/- depending on design and size.

Installing/ creating this does not require any specialised person. Any Carpenter can also do it easily. Aluminium Composite panel manufacturing setting is such that it can easily be folded to a smooth curve. ACP’s are used as highlighter but for larger areas like entire wall, ceiling, T.V units, etc.

Aluminium Composite Panel v/s Laminates
ACP’s are much superior to laminates as far as design, style, look and feel is concerned. But ACP’s develop scratches easily unlike laminates. And therefore ACP’s for interiors are mostly preferred on untouched walls and ceilings.

Thickness ( Exterior ACP & Interior ACP )
ACP’s are used for internal as well as external architectural buildings. Aluminim sheets used for external purposes are 3mm to 4mm thick and more. But aluminium sheets used for ACP’s for internal purpose are not more then 1 mm thick.