Many Home owners prefer Single Lever Diverter for their modern bathrooms. Compact and space efficient, Single Lever Diverter is also known as concealed Diverter. This is because the water pipe and other necessary functional fittings get concealed in the wall.

On your wall is an aluminium sheet with a single lever and overhead shower button, a spout few inches below and the shower fitting on top.

Single Lever Diverter as rightly named take care of different operations like you turn it left-right, you receive hot-cold water respectively and for bucket filling pull it upwards. Use the nozzle above this lever if you want to use overhead shower.

Design n Style

There are various designs and styles to choose from like circular plate, oval plate, etc. But the square model Single Lever Diverter is quite in fashion these days. The entire diverter is made of brass and therefore there’s no corrosion seen. Only the front panel of the diverter is finished with chrome to give it a silver look.


Single Lever Diverters of Velvet, Parryware, handgrohe, roca, jaquar and many more brands are easily available in market

In your basic faucets and wall mixtures there were vicars installed for easy movement of knobs. But now where design and style has changed, cartridge has replaced washers(indians pronounce it as viser). Cartridge is a ceramic disc fitted for much easy and smooth movement of new diverters. These cartridge are also quite durable as compared to washers(visers).


Chances of cartridge getting spoiled is a very rare thing unlike vicars. It can easily be replaced or repaired if in case. To repair it the civil part of it is not hampered. The knob/diverter is removed, then its sleeve and the cartridge is changed/checked.