One of our reader from Pune asked us below question:

I want to renovate my house . but we are confused about exact idea. so just decided to colour the house and change carpet and wall paper of hall. but my thinking is coat of painting will be more than twenty five thousand . and as per my knowledge by adding more twenty five to thirty thousand i can change my house look. so my mind is not ready spend a such a big amount.please give me some solution.

Our reply:

POP on wall is not meant for Colouring, it is used to give a finish layer and make wall look more attractive. Even after POP is done on the walls, you have to paint the wall. In Pune (in marthi) usually called “Sanla” and in Mumbai more common term is “Niru” . Person who will do this finishing work will use small piece of flat metal sheet ( Patra) to apply layer of it on your wall and give nice finish. For covering broader area a long wooden plank-kind piece is used called paati(Marathi)

paint wall getting damged over period of time

paint wall getting damged over period of time

Talking about Comparing Painting and Wall Paper:
Wall paper in Indian market come in different variety and quality. Cost of wall paper will vary with its type, quality and colour. A big benefit of doing Wall Paper is you can change it after 1 or 2 years. It is more affordable to do so compared to Painting. Ofcourse we are talking about low cost Wall Paper. Painting is more of a long term solution. If you are looking for not re-doing anything next couple of years, that Paiting walls is better option. Colour options are more in Paiting.

If Paiting the walls, it is always recommended that you colour complete house.

If you have problem of leakage, then first get that fixed. many think that if there is leakage problem, wall paper will allow them to re-do things if there is damage to wall. But our recommendation is instead of spending on Wall pers multiple times, get leakage fixed.