Adding switch points is a task once concealed wiring is done. We recently got asked by a Home Owner from Pune following questions:

There’s concealed wiring done for my 1BHK apartment in Pune. I want to have an additional switch points in each room, can is be easily done?

It’s a difficult task to add a switch point and do the wiring for the same, once concealed wiring work is completely over. Here by saying completely over, I mean is the wall being done/POP and painting is done to that wall/house. I am sure no homeowner would like to disturb the wall again because

  1. No-one would like to spend on wiring & painting the wall again after already spending so much of money on it
  2. a Home owner wouldn’t like to go through the trouble of breaking and having the mess again just for getting a new switch point

“So you mean to say that once concealed wiring is done, no additions can be made is needed?”

Well, not really. For switch point and doing the wiring, an electrician shall have good knowledge on how shall it be done. He shall know which wire shall be pulled from where. For doing this as I have always said it’s good to hire and licensed electrician as he had the right knowledge and will not jumble up with wiring. But if the wires cannot be pulled and adding wires is not possible than it’s a different thing, which is a rare case. There are few wiring that are not included in house concealed wiring like for TV set-up boxes. These days there are Tata Sky, Hathaway, Dish TV, etc. set up boxes that a home owner buys as per his choice. Home owners do not prefer for these cable and set up boxes wire to be seen. Therefore an electrician will pull a wire from concealed wiring done to hide these wires. But for sure he has to take care while doing this as electrical wiring has not to be confused or joined with cable wire or telephonic wiring & vice versa. If the wires get interchanged than a home owner would hear/ see disturbance in telephone, TV and in cable. Incase if concealed wiring is done to a certain limit, and a home owner needs it to other end, then a Casing Patti is used to hide the wiring done ahead. Casing patti is used to hide the wiring done basically for concealed wiring on wall. This casing patti is made of PVC material and is very thin. In this case the wall is not disturbed by breaking or re painting.

What do you mean by pulling wire from one end, how is it done?

When a wire gets damaged n concealed wiring, the wire is pulled form one of the end i.e. either from socket end or the wire distribution end. Prior to this It is checked if the wire is being pulled or not. If it is, then a new wire is tied to the other end of the old wire (either socket/ distribution box) and is pulled until old wire is pulled out completely and here you have a new wire in concealed wiring done, without breaking anything.