Ways to Feel Next to Nature Indoors

The best way to give a natural feel to your rooms is allowing Nature to have access to your home  interiors. Let in the day light - Let in the natural day light through your home windows and balconies. Indoor Plants - Having a vertical garden in balcony or few interior plants on

Ideas to Separate Living Room & Dining Area

Open floor plans are the feature of Modern homes. By open floor plans we mean, Open kitchen or seating area and dining area in one big living room. But home owners often get confused especially for how to separate dining area and seating area for such open spaces. Here are quick tips from our Designers

Home Renovation Made Easy!

Kehte hain ki “Ghar wahi hota hain jaha apna Dil ho”. It is so damn true hain na? You spend almost half of your valuable time at home. You will offourse want your home to look more beautiful, elegant and secured. Your home furnishing and decorating will probably change as time goes by to accommodate

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