Why Door & Windows Inspection are Necessary!!!

Knock-Knock! Whose That? Inspector, Inspector for Door & Window Inspection. Really!!! Well, yes. Often unsaid and unnoticed, its very essential to check if Doors and Windows are in good shape. Doors and Windows keep your home secured and safe. The exterior door i.e. your main door keeps you secured from unknown visitors, While the interior

Electrical Inspection- Have Electrical Safe Homes

What is Electrical Inspection? An electrical inspection implies to detailed inspection of the electrical connections, wiring and basic electrical fixtures installed in your new home. Why does Your New Home Need Electrical Inspection? In modern day Homes, most features to Interiors are concealed, not visible to eyes like plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. The pipes and

Wall Inspection before Buying New Homes

Foundation is the root of all buildings. What makes homes structurally strong is strong foundation framing and roof. Walls make up the strong foundations. The signs of poor foundations of a home can be inspected mainly by Wall Inspection. Walls if often ignored by Home owners. Walls are the foundations to your homes. Having Wall

Significance of Home Inspection

Whats is Home Inspection? Home Inspection is examining the condition of a home for sale of that home. Home Inspection is carried out by professionals. Often Home Inspector is confused with real estate appraiser. A home Inspector ascertains the condition of the structure, while an appraiser help calculate the property value. Home Inspection in India

Home Inspection for New homes – Flooring

Significance of checking  flooring before Buying New Home When you entire your probable dream house Flooring is the first element you feel. The flooring has to be solid, hard and comfortable to walk on it stand for some while. If not it will hurt your feet, eventually your legs and make you feel tiered easily.

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