What is Electrical Inspection?
An electrical inspection implies to detailed inspection of the electrical connections, wiring and basic electrical fixtures installed in your new home.

Why does Your New Home Need Electrical Inspection?

In modern day Homes, most features to Interiors are concealed, not visible to eyes like plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. The pipes and inner fittings are concealed in either walls, flooring or ceiling. For Electrical, wires hidden or put across in conduits that run concealed inside walls, flooring or ceiling. These are not visible to naked eyes. Often in new homes, damage can be caused due to wire pulling. This cause electric loss that can prove to be fatal to home owners.

Aspects to Electrical Inspection

  • MCB – Examine the placement of MCB inside your new homes. Test the circuit breaker by turning off and on again. They should be stiff. Get it repaired if loose.
  • Electrical Switches and Socket – Basic electrical provision and switches are provided by builders in New Modern Homes. Test all switches if they are in working conditions. Look for additional power supply sockets and switches are provided in essential areas.

Examine for Switch overheating. Leave a switch on for a while to check if it gets heated soon. If so, get it changed. Switch overheating  occurs due to various reasons like faulty wiring, electrical overload or poor switch quality. Whatsoever be the reasons, switch overheating in not good to have electrical safe home. Get it altered.

  • High wattage Electrical Connections – Inspect areas where you plan to have your electrical appliances. Check if there’s provision electrical connections provided for same. Like in Living room you need connections for Television, set-up box, mobile charging, Wi-Fi devices, etc. Inspect are there enough socket provisions. Similarly, you need high wattage connections in kitchen for refrigerator, ovens/microwaves, washing machine, etc.
  • Inquire for  Grounding Systems – Ensure earthing system is working fine at your home. Check switches for electrical shock. Even a mild tingle means improper grounding. Grounding is very essential.
  • Provision for Battery Backup / Inverter  – Inquire for electricity supply and power-cuts in surrounding area. Also inquire if back-up is given only in common areas of society of in house too. If given in homes, for how many hours is the back-up and which electrical connections.
  • Provision for Geyser in Bathrooms– Inspect for geyser connection. IF false ceiling is provided by builder in bathrooms, examine what type of geyser and how many liters geyser can be installed and how.
  • Inspects for Electrical Provision in Bathrooms – Many a time there are electrical provisions given in bathrooms that enables home owners use for personal reasons. Make sure these electrical provisions i.e. switch and sockets are not given near wet areas like wash basin. Sockets and switches shall be installed at a distance from wet areas. If not, it can prove to be life threatening.
  • Electrical Connection in Bedroom
    Inspect the locations for electrical connections given in bedroom. Sometimes the connections for AC and Electrical switches do not work as per your interior plan. Make sure you get the electrical changes made beforehand. But to do that you need to have an electrical plan with you from Builder.

Other aspects to Electrical Inspection

Smoke Detectors – New Modern Societies have smoke detectors installed as increased measure. Inquire for the same. IF smoke detectors are installed, verify its placements. Always be assured by testing it.
Electrical Panel – Inquire for Society or Building Electrical panel placement. Go and check for suitable labels, amps and operation. Study outdoor Electrical systems too.

Well many of us feel we do not need expert for electrical inspection. But it’s a good idea to have it done to avoid future unhappy moments. And its said, “It’s always better to have learnt concerns before they become tricky. Also finding trivial issues and fixing them is always a good way to increase home health, family health and saves you from investing major future costs.

Important Tip:
Check in your New Home Agreement if Electrical plan for your home is given. IF not Do not forget to ask for it. It’s very essential, especially if you plan to add or alter interiors lights and fixtures.