Whats is Home Inspection?

Home Inspection is examining the condition of a home for sale of that home. Home Inspection is carried out by professionals. Often Home Inspector is confused with real estate appraiser. A home Inspector ascertains the condition of the structure, while an appraiser help calculate the property value.

Home Inspection in India is often carried out by Known Contractors or Interior Designers. These professionals evaluate the conditions of every element of a house or property, walls, ceiling, roofing(if any), other foundations, plumbings, electrical, basic hardware, fire safety, security system subjects. Home Inspector or professionals inspect homes for any damage caused by water, fire, or insects that may hamper the value of the property. What is the significance of Home Inspection? Why is it necessary?

Let’s find out in brief…

Reasons why  Home Inspection is necessary & One shall not Miss it

  • It helps in making Right Decision – Home Inspection help authorize that you’re acquiring a safe-protected property. Also confirms that the investment you making is worth it and will not have further invest in repair work on immediate basis. Well if the inspector or buyer is not contented with the discoveries post home inspection, the buyer can back out from buying offer. Home inspection is therefore very essential as it saves buyers by thousands.
  • Care & Protection – Home inspection can help reveal safety concerns like mold formations and emission of harmful gases. Such subjects are hazardous that cost a bomb to rectify which also can cause major health issues. In case of any such findings, buyers can and shall immediately withdraw from buying offer.
  • Understand Legal Additions / Alterations – Home Inspection help buyers know if any altered or additional rooms then actual plan were completed with proper documentations and licence. If not, it can influence the insurance, taxes, usability and majorly the value of homes. To conclude, a buyer isn’t purchasing something that is legal.
  • Can act as Negotiating Tool – Home Inspection reports offers a chance to either offer bargain on final rates or ask for repairs from seller. It is always more sensible to ask for repair work then cost reduction.
  • Help Forecast Durability and Future Cost – Every element have a SHELF-LIFE.  Home Inspection help you understand the life span of Interior elements like Wall, Plumbing, Electrical , etc. How does this help a home buyer? It helps understand when home buyer will have to budget repair or renovation work.

TO sum it up,

Main idea for undergoing Home Inspection is to understand every details relating the property you may own very soon. Most importantly understand the dividend and drawbacks of the home.

[Updated on 10-Mar-2023 by Nitin, founder of Contactorbhai.com]

After you are done with your home interior work, you start living in the house. Over a period of time some minor repairs or patch up work will keep rising. Fes things will come up in the very first year, many will happen over years…

Below I am listing random things that will come up..

Bathroom fittings

Minor dripping or leakages can occur at some of the joints inside the bathroom. Some tap or pipe below the washbasin or shower or some other faucet might show minor dripping issues. These are easily fixable. A quick single visit by a plumber will help you fix all these issues. Jet spray inside the toilet may start dripping water.

Shower calcification

Depending upon the water situation in your area, hard crust might form & block holes inside the shower. If your shower head is not very costly, you can simply choose to replace it. If the shower head is a costly thing, you can get it cleaned. Plumber will know how to clean it..

Sliding windows

Sliding windows channels collect dust. Over a period of time the play (smoothness with which windows slide) might reduce. One reason could be the wheel may have gone bad. Bearings might have gone bad. This can be fixed by an aluminum sliding window vendor.

Minor Repairs and Maintenance inside Home

Minor Repairs and Maintenance inside Home

Kitchen channels

Hardware inside the kitchen might go bad, losing the smoothness of working. It requires regular oiling. Yoru kitchen vendor will help you in buying the special oil which keeps these channels smooth & running. However, after a few years you may be required to change it.

Costly Hardware

Costly hardware items lose their alignments. Maybe some screw got loose. Maybe you are keeping more weight than it allows. Maybe it was not correctly aligned the very first time. A hardware expert can fix this issue.

LED Lights

Most LED lights do not last more than 3-4 years. Good ones will last 5 years. Remember old times when we used bulbs & tube lights. They used to last a year or two max. LED lights are the same, they will not last more than a few years.

Big Shutters / Doors bend

Big shutters tend to bend during monsoon. There is moisture in the air, they expand & end up bending. Your shutters/doors don’t close properly.

Sealant / Grout

Sealant used with marble/ granite. Grout used with tiles. They loosen up, depending upon usage.


After a few years may require major cleaning or maintenance. You have to call a company person.


Paint on top of newly plastered wall, lot of times develop cracks. If paint job is not done well or if the building is old, some patches might start losing paint. Bubbles might get formed.

Laminate bubble

Laminates develop big bubbles. Carpenter can try to fix this.

Electrical switches

Some switches might go bad, usually they last for many many years. But some items like regulators or sockets might go bad.


If your house or building has a termite problem. It will damage all your woodwork. Even though you bought plywood of high quality. Termites in extreme cases can eat up even concrete. Plywood is a cakewalk for them.

Increase in Storage

You might decide to increase storage over years.


Kitchen edges have panipatti. May create gaps & lead to water leaking.