Foundation is the root of all buildings. What makes homes structurally strong is strong foundation framing and roof. Walls make up the strong foundations. The signs of poor foundations of a home can be inspected mainly by Wall Inspection.

Walls if often ignored by Home owners. Walls are the foundations to your homes. Having Wall Inspection done, addresses you construction errors before they become major issues. Always have Wall Inspection done by professionals. Most of the times you tend to overlook walls, well if not inspected before you bought a new house, have it inspected before warranty given by builder ends.

Essential Pointers  to look for Wall Inspection before Buying New Homes

Cracks on Wall -Fluctuation in moisture and temperature causes  constant expansion and shrinkage of concrete. This constant change cause cracks in concrete. Well minor cracks are invisible to naked eye and are harmless. But, the same hairline crack can be the origin to major worries if it continues to eventually widen.

If the walls of new home have multiple cracks in ever room , means major structural problem, which needs experts involvement.

Dampness or Moisture on Wall – Check all the walls for dampness that share walls with wet rooms like Bathrooms, Toilet, Dry Area or laundry area (if any). These walls are often prone to dampness. How to you check this. Well dampness can rarely be seen. Home owners can check this by feeling the wall. If you feel any amount of wetness or softness on these walls, it then will surely cause major problems like paint will start falling off, seepage problems, wall will eventually start weakening and cause heavy structural damage. The same should be checked for walls that are a part of building exterior wall.

Paint Finish – Switch on all the lights to notice for no paint shade difference in two walls of same room or patchy paint finish. The walls are often

Pre-assembled walls – if any pre-assembled walls, make sure they are ICC listed. The manufacturer must observe with ICC’s quality control requirements. Also either the manufacturer or the contractor of pre-assembled walls must provide a copy mentioning the details. If hired and authorized Inspector, he must validate for each wall assembly to be stamped with i) name and address of the manufacturer, ii) third party evaluation report number.

At Time of Construction –  If you got a house at construction level, you can make sure if the interior and exterior walls are constructed as per the material type specified in state building code.

Waterproofing – Inquire if all exterior walls are treated with waterproofing solutions.

Most home owners buy homes on home loans and also are committed to other investments. I am sure you there’s no space for futile investments then.