Why deciding on Flooring Material type is so essential?

Flooring is extremely important part to interior Designing be it for residential areas or commercial areas. Flooring adds personality to your space. Flooring is one aspect that undergoes daily wear and tear. It therefore needs to be functional too. Also, flooring shall be beneficial and economical too. Therefore we suggest you to spend extra time while planning home interiors especially for flooring so that you can choose the best suitable, durable and cost effective flooring material type for your modern homes.


What aspects shall be taken care of while deciding on Flooring Type?

Designer – Decide your flooring type on basis on 3 main factors –
i. Look & Feel
ii. Functionality
iii. Budget

There are a variety of design and shades available in tiles and marbles. Choose best suitable tile shade and design as per you room design and concept. Home owners can choose from wide range of design, color, style and finish form vitrified tiles.
Designer PITCH – Choose light and bright color flooring to make your room appear spacious. It will also make the room feel fresh and energetic. Another advantage with such flooring type is you can go bold with other interior elements like furniture, wall color or other kind of hanging. Well modern homes are truly characterized with light and white color flooring and ceiling. This makes you room appear cleaner, fresher and welcoming to guests too.

Contractorbhai-Anti-skid-Tiles-for Bathrooms


Use Anti-skid tiles for rooms like Bathroom, Toilet, Balcony and terrace. These rooms are constantly wet due to water. One can easily be hurt due to slippery flooring. Therefore anti-skid tiles are a must in these room.
Most common practice observed and followed is having colored tile in dado. What is Dado? Dado tiles are tiles installed in kitchens above the platform. Now here you cannot have light colored tiles which could easily stain due to cooking.


For controlled budget use big size flooring tiles or material in all rooms. This not only makes your room appear bigger but also make it look neater and inviting. It makes your flooring look beautiful. Let me help you with an example, if you see marble flooring, after final polishing and cleaning, it appears a seamless single surface. The same living room with smaller tiles will appear blemished with so many tile joints.
As a result, bigger the tile or flooring material used, beautiful your room will appear. But yes with bigger sized flooring material, comes its price. It may turn out a little expensive, but is surely worth spending for.


Designer PITCH – Use minimum 1’x1’ tiles or flooring material for living room. While for kitchens and bedrooms, you can have 2’x2’ tile size flooring material. If you have Kids room or guest room, opt for 2’x2’ size flooring material. This will surely help you save some penny.
For flooring budget, I would suggest you to decide on your price range i.e. how much you ready to spend on flooring for each room. To help you decide on this, here is our experienced Contractor calculation …
Per Tile costing is around 5% of you Interior Designing or Renovation Budget.


Tips to Deciding on Beautiful looking but Economical Flooring

Designer PITCH – Flooring material i.e. tiles, marble and others are available in various sizes. But the size you choose creates a great impact on your interior Feel and room appearance. For eg. Bigger size tiles makes your room appear bigger while small size tiles will make the same room appear smaller. But, the tile size also majorly depends on room size and layout too. Here are few tips for each room-
For Living Room – Use bigger size tiles for living room. It will make your living room appear bigger than it is. And with bid tile size you will have lesser tile joints. This makes your room appear neater and more welcoming.
To cut on flooring cost, home owners could use same tiles or flooring material in bedroom.