How to Pick Perfect Cove Lighting

Lets starts with , What is Cove Lighting? Designer 1 – Cove Lighting are indirect lights built in shelves, wall depressions and in false ceiling. Cove lighting directs light upwards to ceiling and down to adjacent wall where its lighting fixtures are concealed. Cove lights are used more for aesthetic appeal and particularly to highlight

How to plan space for TV and Kids room within Living room

Living Room interior Style leaves an expression of home owner in guests mind. Living room is where most of the guests visit which draws the attention of the guest too. A welcoming living room interior invites visitors to your homes. It therefore very crucial and essential to have very well planned and designed interiors for

A Legitimate Modern Kitchen Design, Bangalore

Interior Designing is not only restricted to living rooms or bedroom. Kitchen too needs to be well planned to make it more soulful and functional. Location: We had completed a kitchen design project in Bommenahalli Vilage, Bangalore where client was keen to have – Challenging Task: In small room have all possible kitchen electronic items.

Luxurious Hotel Room in your very own Apartment

A guest room is the room you use for guests to stay while at your place. In modern world, your guests need to feel pampered and like home when at your place. It therefore becomes very essential to plan guest room with all possible amenities that you can provide. Location: We completed a project Kumbalgody,

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