Important factors for Indian Kitchen Room Color Scheme

Bring in your creative side. To start planning Color scheme for any room Imagine what are objects are going to come in that given room an also Interior walls, ceiling and flooring. Elements responsible that help plan kitchen Color Scheme For room like Kitchen it is majorly occupied with storage furniture and Kitchen Counter-top.

Built in Appliances for Indian Kitchens

In today’s fast paced world where things need to be instantly done in small spaces, appliances rule the kitchen. Modern kitchen are incomplete without ovens, refrigerators, blenders, hob and chimney and the kind. New Modern Indian homes now comprises modular kitchens, the trend that has come from west. But does it include built-in-alliances? Before that

A Legitimate Modern Kitchen Design, Bangalore

Interior Designing is not only restricted to living rooms or bedroom. Kitchen too needs to be well planned to make it more soulful and functional. Location: We had completed a kitchen design project in Bommenahalli Vilage, Bangalore where client was keen to have – Challenging Task: In small room have all possible kitchen electronic items.

શું ખોટું થઈ શકે છે ગ્લાસ ની સપાટી વાળા હોબ અને કુકટોપ સાથે

ગ્લાસ ફિનિશ વાળા હોબ કાળા રંગના હોય છે કારણ કાળા રંગનો કાચ વાપરવામાં આવે છે. જે ગ્લાસ વાપરવામાં આવે છે તે અક્કડ ગ્લાસ હોય છે, ખુબજ સખત હોય છે અને ગરમીની કોઈ ખાસ અસર તેના પર થતી નથી. પરંતુ ઘણા ઘર-માલિક ચિંતિત હોય છે ગ્લાસ તૂટવાના કારણ ને લીધે। પણ હું તમને જાણવું કે બાજુ

What can go wrong with Glass surfaced Hobs & Cooktops

Glass finish hobs are usually black in color because of the black glass used. The glass used is the stiffened glass which is very hard and doesn’t easily get affected by heat. But there are some home-owners are worried for the breaking issues of glass. But let me assure you that on a very rare