Induction Cooking or Flame/Gas Cooking- Which is best for India ?

Firstly let’s understand what is meant by induction cooking and gas/flame cooking. What is Gas Cooking Gas cooking is cooking with flame on cooktops & hobs. A gas cylinder is required to ignite flame for cooking purpose. What is Induction Cooking Induction cooking is not like typical cooktops or hobs. Induction cooking is electric cooking

Latest Design Cooktops v/s Traditional Cooktops

Question) Me and my wife had gone to buy a new cooktop for our kitchen recently. He showed us some latest cooktops and traditional cooktops. On asking what is major difference between the two, he said… Well, there’s no much of a difference between traditional and latest cooktops. The fittings, valve, pipe, etc. is same.

Built-in-Hobs – Is it Easy to Clean and Maintain ?

One thing that every lady working in the kitchen is anxious about is cleaning the counter top and the cooking range. Cleaning a gas cooktop is far more easy and worry-free. But cleaning a Built-in-Hob cooking range needs to be done very carefully. Any person in kitchen (be it servant or any relative) take care

Tips on buying right Built-in-Hob for you Kitchen

Let’s understand what a Built-in-Hob is. Built-in-Hobs is just another word for a cooktop or gas stove built in in the counter-top. The cooktops are free standing cooking range, whereas Built-in-Hob get concealed in the counter top. There are different types of Built-in-Hobs available- Gas Hobs- The most popular and preferable for Indian home as