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What is Cove Lighting?

Designer 1 – Cove Lighting are indirect lights built in shelves, wall depressions and in false ceiling. Cove lighting directs light upwards to ceiling and down to adjacent wall where its lighting fixtures are concealed. Cove lights are used more for aesthetic appeal and particularly to highlight decorative elements and ceiling design.


Designer 2 – In Day-time, your homes will receive ample of natural light that keeps you going. Well evening and night time are more or relaxed period. You want more of soothing environment. Here comes the role of Cove Lights. Cove Lights are indirect lights used to enhance design elements of given room. These lights furnish warm and peaceful feeling that are soothing to eyes.
Cove lighting particularly helps enhance false ceiling design. False ceiling without cove lights, is like dead as doornail. Cove Lighting contributes to coziness and being comfortable in given space. To create an ambience, home owners can let the cove lights on with rest of the lights switched off. Cove Lights are also used to create a dramatic effect.


What other areas than False ceiling, can Cove Lighting be Installed?

Designer 1 – Cove Lighting can be installed behind see through design products like ONYX stone, alabaster, Clear Glass or Frosted Glass, etc. Cove lights are usually installed to highlight either the design on such material or objects placed before them.
Concealed strip LED lights can be installed under the table tops to add to its depth. It could be used under tread stairs to add value to given space.
In kitchens, cove lights can be installed on top of the kitchen cabinets.


Designer PITCH – Cove Lights help breathe life in most lifeless areas or room.


What are different types of cove Lighting?

Designer 1 – Cove lighting come in varied colors. The kind of cove light you choose with the color or shade will affect the room ambiance. Here are 4 types of cove lights prevalently used… 
Rope Lights – These are most inexpensive, easy to install cove lights. They use minimal electricity as compared to any other lighting type. Rope Lights provide a soft glow.
Fluorescent Lights – Fluorescent lights last for pretty long time. Unlike rope lights, these are harsh lights. To get control over glow, home owners can get dimmable stabilizers installed.
Liner Lights – Low voltage liner lights come with portable lights allowing home owners to create the ambiance they want.
LED Lights – LED lights are the cost-effective, ecofriendly lights that last for very long time.


Can Cove Lights be used to highlight props in fixtures or display areas?

Designer 1 – Home owners could have indirect LED lights installed to highlight artifacts and other props. Like there could a niche created in wall where indirect lights could be installed on upper side to highlight artifact displayed on shelves below.
Designer PITCH – Before you do this, plan. Think that this set-up is going to stay for next 15-20 years. Such areas need lot of care and cleaning on daily basis. Also lights installed to highlight display props are Spot Lights and not cove lights. Only if you really want such display areas, then go ahead, otherwise Cove lights are typically used to highlight false ceiling and fixtures.

What rooms are not suitable for Cove Lighting?

Designer PITCH – Avoid Cove lights in Formal Meeting Room and Formal Guest Room since you want brighter and lit up room rather than cozy ambience.