Style Your Home Interiors with Decorative Wall Panels

<strong>Highlighting a wall</strong> be is the budding trend in home interiors today. Decorative Wall panel is one of the nice way to highlight the wall. Highlighting a wall in a room immediately draws focus towards it. Firstly let’s understand <strong>why do need to highlight a wall</strong>.                  

How to plan space for TV and Kids room within Living room

Living Room interior Style leaves an expression of home owner in guests mind. Living room is where most of the guests visit which draws the attention of the guest too. A welcoming living room interior invites visitors to your homes. It therefore very crucial and essential to have very well planned and designed interiors for

Space Planning for apartment in Bangalore

Space planning mas become very essential in today world where space constrain is major issue. Location: We completed a project in Kadubessanahali, Bangalore. Where the client wanted- Challenge: Have temple room with dining area in Living room itself. Our first Visit The living room was big enough, but when we designed living space i.e. seating

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