We spoke to Sadhana Vipat, owner of an Import-Export Company based in Italy. Her company deals in “Made In Italy” Furniture. She can be reached at furniture@vipatindustries.com

Question – How Can professionals like Interior designer or Architects buy Italian Furniture from you of other companies. Let’s say they designing 3-4 homes here in India and haven’t’ heard of Italian furniture. Whatis your piece of advice to them?

Ms. Sadhana –My first advice to professionals would be to visit the Italian furniture fair held at Milan if possible. Here they will get an idea for what exactly Italian furniture is. Here they will get to know in-&-out about Italian furniture like –

• what different material Italian furniture is made up of
• The quality Italian Furniture delivers
• Different types or styles of Italian Furniture
• The Current trend
• The price range, etc.

Different Zones in home

We then introduce the Italian concept of furnishing homes what we call is different zones i.e. the Day-zone and Night-zone.

Day-zone includes where you spend most of your day-time and that which is visible to guests who visit you. This includes rooms like Living room, drawing room, dining room and kitchen.

Night Zone comprises of area or room you happen to spend during night hours or rarely visited room like your Bedrooms, bathrooms, storage areas or store rooms. These rooms or spaces are like private ones, where not all (I mean guests here ) go.


Then we talk about Budget. Budget is the most important factor when it comes to furnishing homes. For professionals i.e. Interior Designer or Architect with limited budget, its very essential for them to have it planned appropriately. My suggestion to them would be to have the total budget split into two, one for day-zone and for night-zone. My further suggestion to them would be, to have 65%-70% of total budget be spent or kept for day-zone and rest 35%-30% for night-zone.

The day-zone needs to be really done well since it is the most use space of your home that need attention. Also its the face of entire apartment. Guests who visit your home will make out the interior design and style and also your style of living by just viewing your living room or day-zones. Night zones are more related to comfort thatis something very personalized and private again. You could go easy on furniture and budget too here.

Interior Style

We then discuss the interior style of given projects for which we suggest the best suited Italian furniture’s design and style. Again most importantly all this is doe keeping budget in mind. We suggest them the Italian furniture of best brand or company as per their budget and style. And if the budget is too low, we can suggest our local Italian Furniture vendors who deliver as good quality products as branded ones.

Once The professional is is very well planned with what he wants as per the budget , he can contact us wherein we can guide them the best companies or brands suited as per their budget, style and design.