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Teak Woods are considered to be a sensible investment for both, home owners or end users and commercial units like furniture manufacturers, flooring solution providers, carpenters, etc. Teak wood called as “King of Woods” is a hardwood. Teak wood has been valued for centuries as the most durable and sturdy wood not only for outdoor but indoor purpose too. Its strength, adequate elasticity and hardness make teakwood very ideal for different end use.

There are different quality of teak woods like Ghana Teak, Meranti Teak and Togo Teak available in wide range of colors.

Ghana Teak is bought form the country of Ghana. Ghana Teak Wood is treated for durability, borer and termite protection and also against mold formation. Ghana Teak wood have good resistance to decay and are available in different grades.


• Used in flooring
• Demanded for manufacturing furniture’s
• Used in making toys
• Used in producing doors and door frames

To Summarize

Why it’s a Winner :

Ghana Teak wood is ma¬tured wood which offers Termite resistant, have excellent smoothness & unmatched quality. These teak woods have good resistance to decay and are available in different grades. Teak wood is the ideal choice for interior purpose and light weight furniture as this wood requires less maintenance as compared to other woods.

What Experts Say :

Teak wood has been val¬ued for centuries as the most durable and stable woods for outdoor and indoor use. Its strength, moderate elasticity and hardness make it very ideal for different usage. Make sure Teak wood you buy is best quality teak procured from li-censed plantations.

Cost :

Rs 2000-2600 cubic foot