2020 has ushered in an era of new furniture designs and interior styles that are transforming homes all over the country. A new year means a fresh start, and what better way than to indulge in the latest interior design trends 2020 to liven up your home.

As the decade came to a close, we noticed many trends that were having their moment in the spotlight, ushering a new era of interior design. There are many modern and fresh ideas to look forward to. The current trends in home décor we’ve noticed range from the return of Gothic doors and archways, latest modern interior house colors, rounded and organic shapes and lines for furniture, huge interest in natural materials like cane, wood, and textiles and many more.

If you want to find fresh interior design ideas that are unique then you have to consult with an experienced interior designer who will advise you on the latest interior décor trends. Whether its navy blue accent walls or floral wallpaper, here are some of the decorating trends for 2020 that interior design experts are in love with at the moment.

Built-in reading nooks and cozy corners

white simple bookcase wedged nook cornerImage Source

There is nothing better than sitting in a cozy reading nook on a rainy day, with a cup of hot chocolate, and your favorite novel. Whether it’s a window-side perch that has a great view of your front yard or a cozy built-in seating area in the corner of your house, 2020 is all about seating that adds character to a room, while being excellent for space-saving and storage. This year interior designers predict that fun architectural elements such as reading nooks are going to have their moment in the spotlight.

Window seats are quite popular with homeowners because they are comfortable and they provide a great view of the outdoors. The sense of security and coziness that the built-in seating offers, mostly because of the thick cushion on top, is the definition of a cozy reading nook. There is a reason this interior style is part of the latest interior design trends for living rooms list, and that’s because they provide extra storage when installed with drawers, cabinets, or a hinged benchtop. Homeowners are loving this fun interior element because it takes an awkward, unused space, and turns it into a charming focal point that brings joy and warmth to a home.

Also, you don’t need to have a built-in seating area only in the living room, you can place one in any room you like. It can be a banquette in the kitchen, a boot bench at the main entryway of the house, or a hideaway reading area in the den. When building a cozy seating nook, it’s best to call in professional interior designers to help you out. This way you will receive an exact match to the rooms’ existing elements and they will expertly handle any challenges during the design process. A professional interior designer will also help you with clever solutions for your space and storage woes.

Arched entryways are making a comeback

castle-house-balconyImage Source

Arched entryways are a great architectural detail, especially curved doorways and windows that are inspired by Greece’s cave houses. Interior designers have declared that arched entryways are making a huge comeback this 2020, and the pared-down treatment should be smooth and include clean lines without any ornaments or over-the-top detailing. If you’re not ready to commit to major structural changes in your house then you can always give an arched wall mirror a try. Homeowners love designs that have curves, even though straight lines are practical they can be boring and predictable. Curved archways create a soft and interesting design that adds a level of sophistication to your home.

If you are refurbishing an old property, then arched entryways are a refreshing change. This is because they can distinguish the important and grand entrances from the minor corridors. You can even ask your interior designer to include arched entryways in a way that allows more light to enter the building; you can also install a fixed glazed panel there. However, this idea will work better in traditional properties than modern ones.

Archways are in trend this year because they create patterns and serve to contrast a square designed ceiling or column. They create a pattern when the arch in each entryway is repeated around a fixed object like a chandelier.

You should hire a professional if you want to have an arched entryway in your home. They will be mindful of the scale, function, and proportion. Hiring a skilled interior designer is important because the arch can lower the entryway height by an inch, so accurate measurement is necessary.

Arched entryways have a way of infusing elegance into the house, which is why they are making a comeback in 2020. If you have a formal dining room or living room, then an arched doorway will add class and elegance. Archways also pair well with architectural details like structured walls, columns, and windows.

Curvy silhouettes are in

Curvy silhouettesImage Source

Another popular addition to the list of interior decor trends 2020 is curvy silhouettes or curvy furniture. This includes pieces that are upholstered like sofas, divans, chairs, and so on. The reason curvy furniture is gaining popularity this year is because of the retro look and feel; the designs are also mostly inspired by the 70s. Curved furniture made its debut a few years ago at exclusive interior design exhibitions, and now they are available to the masses.

Curvy furniture is one of the top interior trends for 2020 because they give out this vibrant and fresh energy to your home aesthetic. For starters, you can swap out the huge, boxy sofas for curvy sectionals that are C-shaped. These circular club chairs will provide your space with a new energy that will liven up the living room instantly. Curvy silhouettes are a great addition to your house because they have a balance of feminine and modern elements that are in vogue for 2020. Homeowners also love these furniture pieces because they bring about feelings of relaxation and hope.

Another reason curvy silhouettes are part of the new trends for living rooms is that they are great for parties and socializing. Since the ends of the sofa curve inwards, the people sitting on it don’t have to contort their bodies in uncomfortable positions just to have a conversation with a friend. Curved chairs are also quite conducive to socializing, as opposed to boxy furniture because the harsh lines don’t block you off from other people.

Also, you can mix and match curvy silhouettes to create a variety of patterns and enhance the aesthetic of your living room. They create a contrast that results in visually interesting spaces. You can also add a rug that has geometric prints on it and place it under the curvy sofa, or you can place a geometric artwork behind the sofa. You can also play with lighting to accentuate the curvy silhouettes of your furniture.

You can always ask your interior designer for ideas on the best curvy silhouettes that will suit the ambiance of your house. They will offer professional advice and suggest trendy pieces that will elevate your home’s style quotient.

Slatted wood panels

Slatted wood panelsImage Source

With homeowners building houses with modern designs and new interior design trends, wooden walls are making a huge come back. If you want to keep the warmth and glow of wooden elements inside your house, then wood wall paneling, especially for bedroom designs, is the way to go. You can complement your wood wall décor with LED lamps and accent lamps, these pieces will add a pleasing ambiance to your house and sleeping space.

Before you decide on wood paneling your walls, you must do an extensive amount of research on the types of wood that are perfect for your home. This is because wood panels are available in different shades of light, medium, and dark tones. You must choose a shade that is suitable for the chosen area. There are different styles and textures as well, from oak to pine, you will have to choose the wood that will reflect your interior theme or style. Do not hesitate to take professional help from experienced interior designers because they will assist you and help you make the best choice for your home.

Don’t hesitate to try out new angles with the slatted panelling, the current trends in home décor endorse using wood paneling in unconventional angles as spaces to give the space a dramatic and eye catching appearance.

A professional Interior designer can help you choose affordable wood panels and of good quality, which is why it’s recommended that you hire a professional to get the job done rather than doing it yourself. This way they will get in touch with quality suppliers and get you the best deals as well.

Vintage essentials

Wire frame pendant lightImage Source

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean old and dusty, it also means chic and classy. Vintage furniture and décor pieces are a huge trend this 2020, and there are many reasons it’s one of the most popular interior design styles this year. Vintage interior styles have a way of making people feel nostalgic and have them remember the happening decades like the swinging ’20s or the retro 70s. Nonetheless, whichever era you choose, you get to recreate it with fun fabrics, interesting décor, and a blend of vintage furniture.

Vintage design looks amazing when the pieces are mixed and matched. So, instead of going for a finish that’s perfect go items that will offer contrast and style. For instance, pastels are a great choice because they work with almost all furniture and décor elements; you can put up a pastel wallpaper and choose clever art pieces to give the room a vintage feel. If you find pastels too simple for your taste, then you can go for eclectic designs.

Muted tones

Scandinavian style chairsImage Source

Muted tones have made the list of every modern interior house color palette. Mute colors have a way of transforming a space in various ways, it can be by bringing various architectural elements, accessories, and colors into the spotlight or bringing out a comfortable elegance.

You can opt for chalky neutrals, as they are one of the major interior design trends 2020. Go for chalky white on the walls and warm taupe for the cabinets, this combination will make the kitchen an enticing area. You can even go for orange shades that peek out from behind the upper cabinets and pair them with curtains of a similar shade but in a sheer fabric. These muted color combinations will provide an inviting aesthetic to the room and brighten it up as well.

Muted colors are the latest color trends for home décor because they provide a calm feeling to the room, especially if the area has an open floor plan. You can use dark tones to ground each space, this includes coffee tables in the living area, the cabinets in the kitchen, and so on. It’s all about bringing out the contrast.

Bold wallpapers for accent walls

Retro walled livingroom wallpaperImage Source

The top interior design trends 2020 have to include bold wallpapers. After making waves in the home décor space, during the 70s and 80s, it has now come back with a bang! Bold wallpaper was considered gaudy, loud, and stale, well that’s no longer the case. Wallpaper designs have been revamped with tropical designs making interiors stylish. When we talk about bold wallpaper designs, it includes fun prints like tropical palm leaves, huge floral prints, stripes, polka dots, abstract art, colorful specks, geometric prints, and so on. If your taste is loud and “out there” then bold wallpapers are the trend for you, this year.

Not only are these wallpapers a home décor trend for 2020, but they are also available in high and diverse supplies. Don’t underestimate the power of loud wallpapers, they have taken over the interior design world in the past, so why shouldn’t they dominate it now?

This bold trend also offers homeowners the chance to get bold aesthetics without putting in a lot of effort.

Texture and patterns

modern mosaic tile wallImage Source

To create visually appealing spaces, interior designers play with elements such as shape, color, texture, and patterns to create a space that is functional and appealing. When it comes to new trends for living rooms and other interior spaces, textured walls are very in vogue right now. Our perception of texture is also influenced by adjacent surfaces and the lighting as well.

Patterns can help add texture to any interior space. Pattern related the repeating designs on a material. When it comes to patterns they are usually applied using wall coverings, tiles, and carpeting.

Texture and patterns have a huge role to play in interior designs, especially when you want to define the style of a space. When you apply the right combination of texture and patterns you can transform an otherwise dull space into an eye catching one.

Cane and other natural materials

Cane natural materials living room accessoriesImage Source

Cane and other natural materials have become one of the hottest interior design trends in the 2020 list. This is because homeowners are now looking at sustainable furniture pieces, and it has recently seen a resurgence. Cane furniture is becoming quite mainstream, and it has allowed the comeback of classic furniture that includes classic weave patterns, char backs, dip dye finishes, and peacock chairs.

Cane furniture is excellent if you are looking for a durable material that is tensile and versatile, it is also ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Natural textiles are clean, eco-friendly, lightweight, and provide a casual aesthetic to your home. If your interior style is bohemian with a mix of vintage and contemporary then hints of cane furniture across your home will be perfect for you.

For instance, you can make use of elegant/vintage armchairs in your living room because they pair well with any interior style. Pair the chairs with cane ottomans that are the same color. Go for cane furniture that has contemporary, sharp silhouettes, or curvy shapes because they will add to the vintage bohemian vibe.

Canopy beds for the win!

black stencil king four poster bed

Canopy beds are gorgeous, and lucky for you they are making a comeback in 2020. These classy furniture pieces have been on most homeowners’ wish lists since childhood. In medieval Europe, canopy beds were draped in layers of fabric, this was done to provide a certain amount of privacy and warmth for nobles. It’s also quite surprising how versatile this four-poster bed can be, it adds coziness to a large room or height to a small one.

Speaking of small rooms, canopy beds don’t usually work with small rooms, but if the bed frame transitions from wood to metal as it goes up, then the canopy will begin to taper and the bed won’t take up too much space. You can also opt for pale, subtle colors that blend with the space around it; this will create a cocoon-like effect.

Canopy beds are used to anchor large rooms, but you will have to keep the scale of the furniture in mind as well. This way the furniture pieces don’t dwarf the bed in comparison. Also, if the bed is the focal point of the room then you will have to keep electrical outlets in mind as well; especially, if you have wall sockets or a chandelier that needs to be positioned beside or over the bed.

Get professional interior design help

With so many interior design trends for 2020, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right design and style that will suit your home the best. This is where hiring a professional interior designer will save you time, effort, and money (in the long run). They will also help you realize the potential your home has when it comes to incorporating these fresh ideas and designs.

We’ll give you a heads up on the entire process by giving you an expert interior design consultation. You can clarify all the doubts you have about the process as well as get an estimate for the interior design cost, interior work cost per sq ft, interior designers prices and more associated with your project. Just reach out to us on the link below and get started renovating!

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