Lobby Design for Apartments… Amazed!!! You must be wondering how small homes can have a space like Lobby.
Well, firstly let’s understand what you mean by Lobby.

A lobby is an area where visitors are made to sit, read and relax for a while. Whether it is a star hotel, corporate house or your home sweet home, lobby is the first area where guests are introduced to homes. One can have Lobby be it small or big huge apartments. Be it a small or large entrance, it is very important to make your lobby inviting to create a good impression to guests or family or friends while visiting your home.It therefore is vital to illuminate every inch of this space making it visually appealing.

The Greater Kailash Lobby Project

There was a similar kind of project undertaken by us at Greater Kailash, Delhi. Greateris a residential area in South Delhi, comprising several neighborhoods and multiple markets.It is home to some of the most affluent families in Delhi. It is divided into two zones, namely Parts 1 and 2, situated around a section of the Outer Ring Road.

Now, here in one of the house, the client wanted to have a Lobby that’s acts as the main spine or area you can say. The challenging part was that the lobby was supposed to also be family lounge area with serene feeling of nature and light.

Home owners usually admire high, valuated or cathedral ceilings that impart elegance to an area. We therefore gave a good height to lobby area. To create good height, the room above this particular area was demolished to create a double height that offers sense of scale.

To create depth in such a huge wall we used backlit Corian stone. Having Backlit Corian tiles is quite unique thing on walls. To make the wall visually very impressive and exotic we choose for light colored Corian stone installed in triangular patterns.

Nobody would like to stare at a plain wall. We therefore, to give the wall a delightful effect, got LED lights installed in triangular pattern to match the triangular pattern Corian tiles.To make the lobby more welcoming, indoor green plants were planted at a height. The wall was made to look rich by having different indoor plants planted at intervals on wall. Use of lights and greenery made the space lively even in the night time.

To make the space comfortable yet attractive and welcoming to the guests, we choose for soft cozy sofa sets, a beautiful rich carpet and center table.

This way with use to minimal and simple, though rich elements a great mood of royalty and elegance was imparted in given space.