Concept of Flower Bed is popular in Mumbai. Its a small space in front of your house or in front of balcony, made out of concrete. Mainly meant to utilise for planting flowers or some vegetables or green grass. Probably that’s the only way left for people in Mumbai to stay in touch with nature and greenery.

However there are couple of things you should be aware of:

  • Common practice by Mumbai Builders is to charge you for “Flower Bed” area. Their explanation is – it comes with the flat (whether you want it or not). The builder mentions it in the “Sale deed” that a specific area is given for “Flower bed”. But if you check with the Municipal Corporation plan, this area is not counted.
  • Like many other things with “Chalta hain” theory, eventually Home owners use this area for other purpose. They make a small room out of it. But you should be aware that flower bed area is not that strong to hold heavy equipments. A crack may occur in this area if you keep heavy stuff. Keep it limited to light weight things like table-chair or a small cupboard.