Recently, a Home Owner from Pune was renovating his home in a 7 year old building. They had limited budget & wanted to know if they need to change the existing Sliding Windows and the frame or if they can re-sue it

The sliding windows in your house can be re-used or stay as it is, provided it’s not gone in bad condition. If you wanting to increase the height, i.e. if the window height is smaller and now you want to have French windows, then it can’t be re-used. It can be re-used from one room to other, only if you want the same size window. Also if the track size is bigger then required as per new design, alterations can be made. The mosquito nets can also be re-used and replaced in similar way.

How to know if my Aluminum sliding windows have gone ?

The tracks are most hindered/used while opening-closing the sliding windows. So it needs to be checked first while deciding if you want to re-use. If the tracks have gotten in bad condition then it can be powder coated again and used. Similarly the bearing and window locks need to be checked and if damaged, it can either be replaced or just powder coated which will give it a new finished look. But here if the existing frames are powder coated, and you want them anodised, then it’s not possible. You can only re-anodise the anodise frames and re-powder coat the powder coated frame’s. Powder coating the anodised frames is possible not not the other way round as I said earlier.


The most important decision maker is Cost. Get a quote on both approach. Then if you feel buying a new one is not that bad choice economically then go for it.