Many a times our Contractors visit homes which are in middle of city’s hush bush. Say a balcony facing a road with heavy traffic. A bedroom facing railway tracks. Living room facing market full of noise. In such scenarios Home Owners have common request – Can we have sound proof sliding windows ?

Here are few Frequently asked questions with answers from our Aluminum Sliding Expert:

Q – My new house in Mumbai is on the roadside which is very noisy. Are soundproof windows and doors available at residential level?

A – To avoid the roadside noise, you can opt for soundproof sliding windows. Lesser the number of shutters in sliding window less is the disturbance of outside noise. Number of shutters in sliding window will actually depend on the width of your window i.e 2-track or 3-track and so on. Also, having granite or marble framing for these windows will help in reduction of disturbance. You can also see to it that there’s minimum gaping above n below the doors (main door, bathroom door, etc.) and shutters of the window. If all these measures are taken care of, then outside disturbance can be reduced by 90%-92% from. It is Impossible to have 100% sound proof windows or doors.

Q – Do these soundproof windows need a separate section and arrangement as such?

A –Yes, for having soundproof windows a different section is created (mainly of Jindal company). For a soundproof glass, silicone glass is sandwiched by 5mm glass on both sides which then undergoes fitting n binding process. Firstly the glasses are cut of desired size which are then washed and cleaned to remove dirt and impurities. Then the soundproof binding process takes place. Here with the help of cascade the soundproof material is bonded to the silicon glass which is then kept for drying. This silicone glass is then sandwiched by 5mm glass. These glasses are readily available in the market. You can film on either sides or both sides of the glass depending on your choice. If you dn’t want to go for films, you can opt for coloured glasses.

Q – How much will having these glass windows cost me?

A – The cost for soundproof windows is almost 2 times then having basic glass windows. The cost goes high because an additional section is to be created for these windows and the mechanism also differs. Normal windows will have a glass per shutter; here 2 glasses are installed per shutter so even that adds on to the cost. The locks and bearing also are required of heavier quality. In addition to this even the labour also increases to develop and install these glasses.