Many home owners have asked ContractorBhai team, if they can re-use their Aluminum sliding windows. A correct answer can be found only once experienced Sliding window maker checks your windows. if your windows were anodised then it will need re-aniodising process. I am getting bit technical in this article & going ahead & explaining little about Andoising process.

What is Anodizing of Aluminum sliding windows ?

Anodising is a process of treating metals, where the metal is given oxide coatings for purpose of increasing the performance of the surface. Anodising is done for new metals. Anodising is and electric process where the temperature is raised for the metal and is washed in acidic tank to remove impurities and dust if any. Then the metal goes for buffing process in electron tank where the temperate is raised depending on the metal proper required. In the same process desired colour is coated.

What is Re-Anodising ?

In re-Anodising of a metal, process has more steps. The old anodised metal is de-anodised (process of removing the old coating) first. The metal is then sent for washing to remove excess chemicals and dirt and then undergoes anodising process.

Is it possible to re-use Alumnum slidings sections & frames ?
If your window size is going to remain same or getting smaller – then you can re-use your aluminum sections . Powder coated sliding window parts are not worth re-using. Anodised can be re-used. Unlike powder-coating, re-anodising will not degrade or harm the metal. It is possible to undergo Re-anodising if old frame of the existing window is available, as buying a new one will cost more then re-anodising. This is because for the new frame, the contractor will have to go, take measurements, get the frame done and then the frame is anodised, whereas for re-anodizing, the frame of req. size is already there it just needs to undergo the re-anodising process.

What is Cost for Re-anodising ?

Re-anodising the frame will include cost of removing the frame, re-anodising the frame, replacing biding, bearing and lock, fixing, labour and transportation cost.

Where is anodising process done ?
Surely not at your home, infact not even at your local Aluminum slidding window shop. There are specialised workshops for this process. There are different workshops for these processes namely, Powder coating, Anodizing and Re-anodising. These processes take place at factory level. The factories for the same are situated in every state, city and suburb. Some Retailers only sell what is available with them while with others you get to choose the shade, etc. from the catalog where the order is then placed to the factory.