19. Big & Small Rooms, Well Designed Room

This is Video 19 of a 35-videos series on Interior Design Drama of Big Rooms & small RoomsDrama of Big Rooms & small RoomsSmall rooms make you feel restricted, while big rooms too make you uncmfortable too, is not designed or arranged correctly.Therefore its very essential to choose right paint

જિંદાલ એલ્યૂમિનિયમ સ્લાઈડિંગ વિન્ડો – ઉત્પાદની સમીક્ષા

સ્લાઈડિંગ વિન્ડો મોટા પ્રમાણ માં પસંદ કરવામાં આવે છે કારણ તે વાપરવામાં સહેલું છે અને તે વધુ જગ્યા પણ નથી લેતી ઈંટેરીઅર માં કે પછી એક્સટેરીઅરમાં। અહીં 2 ટ્રેક અને 4 ટ્રેક સેરીઝ ઉપલબ્ધ છે. તે ઊંચી હાઈટ સુધી લગાડી શકાય છે જેમકે 4 ફૂટ થી 10 ફૂટ સુધી। વિન્ડો માં આધુનિક સુવિધાઓ ઉપલબ્ધ છે

Re-Anodising Process of Aluminum Sliding Windows

Many home owners have asked ContractorBhai team, if they can re-use their Aluminum sliding windows. A correct answer can be found only once experienced Sliding window maker checks your windows. if your windows were anodised then it will need re-aniodising process. I am getting bit technical in this article & going ahead & explaining little

Find Aluminum Sliding Window Contractor

Carpenters are usually aware of persons dealing with aluminum who do window work. So when the Interior work is going on, he will suggest you with the same. Aluminum and steel dealers also do fabrication work too, so you don’t have to worry about the work as their expertise will not only give you perfection

Jindal Aluminum Sliding Window – Product Review

Sliding windows are becoming increasingly popular because they are easy to operate and do not occupy space either on the interior or on the exterior. There are several series ranging from two-track to four-track. They are capable to being fabricated in heights ranging from a standard 4' to as high as 10'. The windows have

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