We spoke to Sadhana Vipat, owner of an Import-Export Company based in Italy. Her company deals in “Made In Italy” Furniture. She can be reached at furniture@vipatindustries.com

Question – Say I want to buy Italian Furniture for my apartment. So what are different styles of Italian Furniture available? Also what style appeals the most?

Ms. Sadhana – firstly I would say that buy furniture to best suit your interior style. As for interiors you have Contemporary, Modern and Traditional Interior Style, Italian Furniture is classified in 4 different categories i.e.
i. Contemporary or Modern style Furniture’s
ii. Classic style Furniture’s
iii. Modern- Classic style Furniture’s
iv. Baroque style Furniture’s
Let’s talk about each of these in detail.

i. Contemporary or Modern style Furniture
Modern or Contemporary style Italian Furniture are mostly preferred furniture by young crowd in this modern world. Infact Modern style Italian Furniture is currently in trend among Indians for furniture. Modern style Italian Furniture are furniture’s with strict shapes, lines and design. Modern or Contemporary style furniture’s are easily adaptable furniture’s for any size apartments be it small, big, 1-BHK or 2BHK or bigger. Modern style Furniture’s appear very sophisticated yet stylish.

Not only the young crowd, but all generation i.e. oldies to parents to youngsters to kiddies, everyone love and prefer Modern Style Italian Furniture.

ii. Classic Style Italian Furniture
Classic Italian Furniture are the traditional European style furniture made by craftsmen. While making such style furniture every precise detail is taken of. Not only that, best of the material is used for making classic style Italian Furniture. Usually sesame wood is used for making such furniture. The sesame wood is stored for couple of years that gets exposed to all kind of weather conditions & becomes seasoned. This wood is then exported to factories or companies for manufacturing of furniture. This solid wood is used to manufacture Classic Italian furniture’s.

So when quality and workmanship meet together you sure to have the most beautiful and elegant art pieces that is sure to last for years to come. You may think that many many years means it will turn dull after few years. But to your amazement Classic style Italian Furniture stay unaffected without losing its elegance and shine for years and years. Let’s say that these furniture are so durable that they are passed on from generations to generations

Infact even the companies who manufacture Classic style Italian Furniture are the also passed on from generations to generations. And that’s the reason why Classic style Italian furniture has not lost its charm and classiness. Being made from solid wood is what make Classic style Italian Furniture different from rest of the Italian furniture. Classic style furniture’s are sure to make a compelling statement to your space.

But you will find some classic style furniture that has been given contemporary feel or design with generation change. Well these furniture’s’ are differently categorized as Modern- Classic style

iii. Modern-Classic Style Italian Furniture
Modern-Classic Style are a perfect blend of traditional European charisma and modern sophistication. Modern –Classic style furniture will often have modern design furniture with classic touch to it like either the finish say the gold bordering or an art form like motif design. The elegant lines, use of glass in various shades, storage options for multipurpose use is what makes Modern Classic style furniture’s so unique and impressive.

Classic style and Modern-Classic style Italian furniture are usually seen at residential villas, grand hotels or even at lavish apartments.

And last of all you have,

iv. Italian Baroque Style Furniture
Italian Baroque style refers to high –style furnishing carried out in Italy during the Baroque period that lasted from early 17th to mid-18th century.

Italian Baroque furniture’s are ornamental furniture’s characterized by gold leaf or silver leaf or Swarovski crystals. You could say that the design is on a flashy or loud. To add to its characteristics, Baroque furniture involves small details that turns to be a massive art piece. Baroque Furniture’s are abundantly ornamented and highly detailed, sporting gold, marble, nymphs, shepherdesses, cherubs, angels, mirrors and more.Most of the Baroque furniture you see is therefore hand-made that again makes it unique and different from the rest.

Baroque Style Italian furniture is not for all. Also it is not everyone’s choice. With so much of detail and ornamentation Baroque furniture is surely and expensive piece of art to have. But you do have other styles of Italain furniture that are available for quite affordable rates.