In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, homes are getting smaller. Like you see bedrooms, once you have a standard size bed placed inside, the room feels occupied. Master bedrooms are sometimes good in size but other room say kid’s room or guest room comparatively is smaller. There seems to be no area left to place other furniture other than a bed.
Therefore, As soon as you talk about space saving ideas to anyone today be it home owner or Interior Designer, anyone, the first thing that would hear is Folding Bed.


Folding Bed has become very popular and if you notice in market, there are amazing stylish designs available too. It opens up to room space. Kids can play and walk around the room easily. The room appears bigger too.

Folding beds are very cool, interesting space saving furniture, but there’ a big catch there.


To have folding beds made, you need a very good, sturdy hardware. Hardware that can lift the heavy mattress easily, or the bed can be lifted and get concealed or hidden in wall, or with a push of a button the bed comes down, etc. folding beds shouldn’t be too heavy to be lifted or difficult to fold or something.
In market today you have sturdy, trendy hardware’s of companies like Hettich, Hafele and others, that can make you pay through the nose. There’s this hardware that we recently observed, very smooth, classy looking which was priced Rs.1,00,000/- .
To compete with such bid brands, there are local companies copying similar hardware. And these hardware are available for very economical prices say around Rs.10,000/- or Rs.20,000/- . This cost includes the bed frame, hardware and hinges, everything. These low cost folding beds and hardware’s have emerged in market since past 2 years only. So there is no assurance for how durable are these low cost folding bed furniture and hardware. Well in most cases low cost hardware have not been sturdy and hence not durable.

If not folding Bed, what is an alternative to it?


Well instead of folding bed or queen size bed, you can have Sofa-cum-bed. Sofa-cum beds can be folded in day-time or when not needed. It offers enough free space in room for play or other activities. And when required in night time, it can be opened up to bed.

Space Saving Ideas for Storage

Storage is another major issue for home makers today. The first thing home makers often look for storage space. Well even if you do not have storage facility given by builder, you can still have ample of stuff stored in your home.


How? Here’s the answer to it.
Have furniture’s with storage opportunities. Like have beds with storage provision, have storage created under the Indian seating or seating in balcony area and other similar areas. With such storage areas being created there’s tremendous amount of stuff that gets hidden. Having well planned storage will not only help store items, but will offer open space to room, make it appear neater and chic.