The article is in conversation with Ms. Sadhana – Owner of Import-Export Company who deal in “Made in Italy Furniture”.
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Question – What would you advice an architect or Interior Designer who plans to visit The Italian furniture fair held at Milan & Paris?

Ms. Sadhana– Furniture Fairs are real good platforms for professionals like Architect and Interior designers, home owners and everyone else too to get an idea relating the current for Italian furniture’s.

Well it surely is also an opportunity for newer brands, companies and even the old ones too, to showcase their design and style of products available for all. Here by available for all I mean, furniture available for economical rates.

At fairs you usually have 2 categories of people visiting –
i. The regular visitors, usually professionals and,
ii. The crowd or people who have either never been to such fairs before who those who are rare visitors.

Let’s discuss each of these categories in detail,

i. The regular visitors, usually professionals

Professionals are often regular visitor of such fairs whenever and wherever possible. By professionals I mean Architects, Interior Designers and other business people relating the same arena. The key reason for their visit is to know the current trend for a season or year that will help them for their upcoming projects. Also to know about the new products launched by different brands / companies.

Not many know this that there’ a lot to know about furniture like its design, style, of what material it is made, etc. There’s whole lot of thought process and brain storming done to design an Italian furniture. There are special design teams who work on only design part of Italian furniture especially in big brands and companies. Every season you will get to see new design or style of Italian furniture. If you carefully notice for Autumn, Spring and other seasons you will find variations in design, style and even material used to make Italian furniture.

ii. For the crowd for will be visiting for the 1st time or are rare visitors – Such huge fairs are always and overwhelming experience since there’s so much new to see, know, and understand. Such fairs prove to be a Dictionary of Italian furniture for those who are visiting for the first time to such fairs. There’s so much information they would receive on Italian furniture, new products, different companies, brands, etc. to gather. Infact there’s a lot to remember and know.

Question – What advice or tips will you give me or any other professional / visitor going for such fairs?

Ms.Sadhana–Well I would say it’s all about preparations. Before visiting Italian furniture fair or say any other fair, an individual shall do a little bit of homework. By homework I mean gather as much information on fair, companies and products of fair. But even before that a professional shall know in-n-out of the project i.e. the client budget (most importantly), design style, style of living, etc. Once he has all these details, he shall look for different product styles of a known company. Gather as much information on products and brands for his projects. Analyze the product and information.

Now when you or any other individual / professional comes to Milan or Paris Italian furniture, visit the stalls of known or studied brands / companies. They may not have exact product you looking for, but you will get a rough idea about the kind of furniture they do and also about the current trend. Finish with all known brands first and then go around the fair for other brands products.

If you randomly go around to look for products without any homework done, you sure to get lost among different brands, companies and products too. Here every brand is going to try its best to promote its product for which the product is bought to limelight. Now imagine for so many brands how much n how is one going to remember. Its merely impossible to keep a track of hat all you have seen and liked. I therefore suggest you to go around in planned manner (as I discussed above)

Collecting only Visiting Cards only doesn’t truly help

Well many plan to go around the fair randomly and pick up visiting cards and brochures of different or say all brands and companies exhibiting their products. But once they gone back, truly nits very difficult to recollect what you liked of which brand or company. Therefore the best way is to understand or study your purpose of visit and plan accordingly.

How can we help you plan Visit for such Furniture fairs?

For new comers or even professionals who have been visiting the fair for long time can get in touch with us for the same. We firstly understand what they want. If they already are aware of different brands, we help them with detailed information of company and products, the current trend and also suggest them other companies (if needed) and products too.