Once again one of our reader asked about “home renovation tips for flooring in Pune“. We answered below points. Below points are applicable for any city or town across India. Except for labour cost rest of the items should not vary.

So you need to get flooring of your home renovated or repaired or replace

What are important things to check before hiring Contractor for flooring ?
Do you really need Interior Designer ?

Interior designer if involved in planning then it definitely brings more creative ideas. A good Interior Designer or an experienced Contractor will consider several aspects, some of them are:

Colour: what Colour of Tiles will look good with respect to Wall Colours and lighting in the house.

Visible Floor: What part of floor goes beneath Furniture in the house and is always hidden.

Size: What size of tiles will be appropriate. Cost of Vitrified Tiles vary with size. In most cases Tiles which are bigger in size cost more.

Branded Tiles: if you buy Tiles manufactured by well known branded company then cost is higher compared to some unknown brand. Some of the Unbranded Tiles are good, but they come without enough guarantee. Your Interior Designer or Contractor will recommend you about cost and quality.

Cement & Sand: base of flooring is made up of cement & sand. Almost all available cement in market are good. Sand could be of any type.

Hiring Interior Designer will add up some cost in beginning but end result you get is more satisfactory. However you shouldn’t underestimate a highly experienced Contractor.