When you are renovating home with contractor or say you are just getting home painted by hiring painter, one big question you get is about colour scheme. If you have interior designer he will try to understand what kind if look & feel you like.

Having said that as part of good business practice no painter or contractor or interior designer decided what colour to use.

The onus is on home owner. Why if after whole painting was done you came back & told me that you didn”t like the colour shade :)

To ease out such an important decision, painter walks you through booklet with 1000s if shades. Looking at your previous wall colour or by listening at high level about your liking, suggestions are made. If home owner is not able to zero in on one particular colour, painter will ask you to choose couple of shades. He will then go & buy small colour samples for these choices made by you. These sample paints will be applied on a small patch side by side. Once these sample shades on your wall, it become easy to decide which colour your walls will get.

Whole exercise will take less then hour or two. So it is worth it.

Ceiling in most cases is given white shade in plastic paint. The reason for for choosing plastic paint is that it is mate finish. You don”t want your ceiling to be reflective.