We recently got a call from a home owner & she complained about poor quality of painting work that was done by her. We asked her how did she find this painter. We were not at all surprised to hear the rest if the story.

She called up JustDial to get connected to couple of painters. Got quote from 3 different painters, selected one who appeared good, spoke nicely & and of course had lowest quote.

Painting job happens over next 15-20 days. After everything was over, a month later she realizes that couple if walls in the home had a wavy feel. They were not straight & it was so apparent. It was visible to anyone who look at the wall for few seconds. I am sure this home owner is not going to call this painter next time.

She told us whole story, unfortunately there was nothing we could do.
Over next few weeks I spoke to 3 different painters who have spent whole life in painting world. I asked them – “is it possible to know or detect if painting work was not not happening upto expectation in middle of the work?”

Answer was NO.

All my painters said, usually a typical home owner doesn’t even know what is Primer. We shouldn’t expect them to be capable to detect such mistakes in middle of work. Only a painter or professional will be able to pin point mistakes in middle if work. For rest if the community, you will know only when everything is over. In short it’s too late by then.

When we quote a home owner certain rate they quickly call out rates offered by some other vendor. We don’t have answer to such questions. We quoted you certain rate after looking at work, our workmanship is best as per industry standard & right material composition. We have no idea why other guy offered you lower quote – either he is going to speed up things to save labour wages or he is really aggressive business competitor. We don’t know.